Quick Answer: Why Do My Nails Grow So Fast?

Onychophagia, or the chronic habit of biting your nails, has actually been associated with a faster growth rate.

This may be because biting causes trauma to the nail, stimulating circulation in the nail bed.

This also supports the theory that frequent nail clipping makes your nails grow a little faster.

Is it good if your nails grow fast?

Your nails are a reflection of your overall health. It’s important to stick to a healthy diet if you want strong, fast-growing, healthy nails. Remember, you can’t get your nails to magically grow faster. But if you take care of them, they’ll grow stronger and last longer, making them less prone to breakage.

Why do my nails grow so fast pregnant?

Hormones can make your hair grow faster and fall out less. Extra hormones can make them grow faster and become stronger. Some women, though, find that their nails split and break more easily during pregnancy. Like the changes in hair, nail changes aren’t permanent.

How do I stop my nails from growing so fast?



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Why do fingernails grow faster than toenails?

Fingernails grow two to three times faster than toenails. A fingernail replaces itself in about six months while a toenail takes a year. Nails are basically protective and since our fingers are busier than our toes, they are more likely to need replacing. Also, constant exposure to sun and air may aid their growth.