When Must A Knife Be Cleaned And Sanitized Food Handlers?

All food-contact surfaces must be cleaned and sanitized after they are used; before food handlers start working with a different type of food; any time food handlers are interrupted during a task and the items being used may have been contaminated; and after four hours if items are in constant use.

How often should food contact surfaces be cleaned and sanitized?

Any food-contact surface, such as a knife or cutting board, constantly used with time/temperature control for safety (TCS) foods should be cleaned at least every four hours.

Which surface must be both cleaned and sanitized?

All surfaces must be cleaned and rinsed. This includes walls, storage shelves, and garbage containers. However, any surface that touches food such as knives, stockpots, cutting boards, or prep tables, must be cleaned and sanitized.

Is it correct to store towels that are used to clean?

You should store towels for cleaning food spills in a sanitizer solution when you are not using them. Do not store them in your apron or in your uniform pocket.

How do I clean and sanitize a table?

First, use a soapy water solution to clean tables using a clean disposable paper towel, and 2. Second, after cleaning the table surface with soap or detergent and rinsing with water, disinfect tables by using a diluted bleach water solution – according to directions listed below.