Question: What Causes Mucous Cyst On Finger?

A mucous cyst is a fluid-filled sac that occurs on the finger joint closest to the nail.

The cyst may thin the skin and may cause a groove to form in the nail.

It is thought that underlying bone spurs from the arthritis weakens the joint lining allowing the cyst to form.

How do you get rid of a cyst on your finger?


  • Splints and anti-inflammatory medication to decrease pain associated with activities.
  • Aspiration to remove the fluid from the cyst and decompress it (This requires placing a needle into the cyst, which can be performed in most office settings. Aspiration is a very simple procedure, but recurrence of the cyst is common.)

Can you pop a mucous cyst on finger?

However, sometimes a mucous cyst will rupture. When a rupture occurs, it creates a path directly from the skin into the joint where bacteria can enter and cause a serious infection. For this reason, a mucous cyst should never be punctured at home due to the risk of contamination or infection of the joint area.

What causes a cyst on a finger?

The cause of ganglion cysts is not known. One theory suggests that trauma causes the tissue of the joint to break down, forming small cysts that then join into a larger, more obvious mass. The most likely theory involves a flaw in the joint capsule or tendon sheath that allows the joint tissue to bulge out.

Will a myxoid cyst go away?

They may disappear spontaneously. How can a digital myxoid cyst be treated? If a digital myxoid cyst does not cause any symptoms, no treatment is required. Rarely, these can shrink and resolve on their own.