What Are The Black Lines Under Fingernails?

Another cause of black lines on the nails is a splinter hemorrhage, which occurs when blood vessels under the fingernail are damaged, often due to injuries, such as hitting.

More seriously, a black line or lines on the nails can indicate the presence of melanoma, a dangerous form of skin cancer.

What does melanoma look like under the nail?

Subungual melanoma often starts as a brown or black streak under a toenail or fingernail. A person may mistake it for a bruise. The main symptoms associated with subungual melanoma are the following: A bruised nail, and dark streaks or stains on the nail with no known cause, may be signs of subungual melanoma.

What are the brown lines under my nails?

Splinter hemorrhages look like thin, red to reddish-brown lines of blood under the nails. They run in the direction of nail growth. The hemorrhages may be caused by tiny clots that damage the small capillaries under the nails. Splinter hemorrhages can occur with infection of the heart valves (endocarditis).

What does a line in your fingernail mean?

The bottom line

Ridges in the fingernails are often normal signs of aging. Slight vertical ridges commonly develop in older adults. In some cases, they may be a sign of health problems like vitamin deficiencies or diabetes. Deep horizontal ridges, called Beau’s lines, may indicate a serious condition.

Is nail melanoma serious?

Unlike other types of nail melanoma that grow in the surrounding skin, this type begins in the nail matrix. The nail matrix is a part of the nail bed that protects the underlying skin. While subungual melanoma is a relatively rare condition compared to other skin cancers, it can lead to serious complications.

What are the signs of nail cancer?

Nail Discoloration and Other Signs of Subungual Melanoma

  • As the condition progresses, there may be several streaks of varying shades on the affected nail and the area closest to the cuticle may appear to be wider than usual.
  • The nail may become brittle and crack/break while remaining attached to the base.

Can you get cancer from acrylic nails?

Artificial nails, a nail enhancement that can be made from a variety of materials, aren’t likely to harm healthy natural nails. However, artificial nails can sometimes cause problems, such as an infection. Popular types of artificial nails include acrylic and gel nails.

What are splinter hemorrhages a sign of?

Splinter hemorrhages are characterised by red, splinter-like streaks under the nails. Splinter hemorrhages occur when blood leaks or swells from small blood vessels that run up and down the nail bed. One of the most common causes of splinter hemorrhages is trauma to the nails.

What vitamin deficiency causes brown lines in fingernails?

Research has shown vitamin B12 deficiency to cause brown-gray nail discoloration. White nails can be the result of anemia and pink or red nails may suggest malnutrition with several nutrient and vitamin deficiencies.

Can splinter hemorrhages go away?

No treatment is necessary for splinter hemorrhages caused by trauma. Depending on the severity of the injury, the hemorrhage may clear up within a couple of days or slowly disappear as your nail grows out. Because nails grow at a slow pace, it may take several months for the splinter-like mark to completely disappear.

What causes Terry’s nails?

Terry’s nails. The condition is thought to be due to a decrease in vascularity and an increase in connective tissue within the nail bed. It frequently occurs in the setting of liver failure, cirrhosis, diabetes mellitus, congestive heart failure, hyperthyroidism, or malnutrition.

What does it mean when you have a white line on your fingernail?

White spots or streaks are normal and nothing to worry about. Parallel white lines that extend all the way across the nails, known as Muehrcke’s lines, are a sign of low levels of protein in the blood. In contrast to Beau’s lines, they’re not grooved. They can occur as a result of liver disease or malnutrition.

What causes vertical lines on fingernails?

Vertical ridges run from the cuticle to the tip of your nail and are very common, especially as you age. These ridges are typically no cause for concern. Horizontal ridges can be caused by trauma to the nail and may be deep or discolored. The can also indicate malnutrition, psoriasis or a thyroid problem.

Is nail cancer curable?

Melanoma is a life threatening but potentially treatable form of cancer if diagnosed and managed at an early stage. However, early melanoma arising on the foot, particularly within the nail unit and on the plantar surface, can be difficult to recognise. Consequently, this can lead to delays in diagnosis.

What does melanoma look like on your toe?

Look for the signs of melanoma

Aside from looking like a changing mole, a melanoma on the foot can appear as a: Brown or black vertical line under a toenail. Pinkish-red spot or growth. New spot or growth where you injured your foot.

Does melanoma under nail grow out?

However, unlike a bruise, the streaks from subungual melanoma do not heal or grow out with the nail over time. While you can have a streak or bruising under the nail that isn’t melanoma, you should ask a dermatologist to check your nails if you notice any changes.