How Fast Can Nails Grow? In humans, nails grow at an average rate of 3 mm (0.12 in) a month.

Fingernails require three to six months to regrow completely, and toenails require twelve to eighteen months.

Actual growth rate is dependent upon age, sex, season, exercise level, diet, and hereditary factors.

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How long does a nail take to grow?

three to six months

Why are my nails growing so fast all of a sudden?

One reason for sudden hair and nail growth could be due to an improvement in your overall health. There are many vitamin deficiencies that can cause your hair and nails to grow slowly. Some of the important vitamins for hair and nail health are vitamin C, vitamin E, and B-Complex vitamins.

How can I grow my nails in a week naturally?

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Do nails grow faster as you age?

Your nails also change with age. They grow more slowly and may become dull and brittle. Nails, particularly toenails, may become hard and thick. Ingrown toenails may be more common.