Quick Answer: Can You Change Nail Color When Getting A Fill?

One of the most common questions we get asked by new clients is if they need to have their gel/acrylic nails removed and have a new set each time.

The answer is no.

You simply have a refill!

During a refill we file off the existing colour and remove any lifting.

Can you change acrylic nail color?

If the color you initially chose for the acrylics isn’t suiting your look, a polish change can hold you over to your next fill. Changing acrylic nail polish requires a different removal process to avoid lifting the acrylic nail, but the right techniques are fairly easy to master.

How many times can you get your nails filled?


If you’ve committed to acrylics, then you should know that they require regular fills. Make sure to schedule appointments with your nail technician every two to three weeks, depending on your nail growth and your nail artist’s recommendation.

Should I get a fill or a new set?

You should get acrylic nails ‘filled’ once every two weeks at the max. Essentially what it comes down to is, you get fills just about every two weeks depending on their appearance and how quickly your nails grow out, and you don’t ever absolutely have to get a new full set put on.

How much is it to change your nail color?

The choice of color can be a major influence on the price of nail polish change. While a simple one color can cost about $10-$35, a blend of different colors can cost as high as $120. This price does not cover tips and miscellaneous expenses that may arise.